Focus Lab is based at Koelliker Hospital of Turin and, thanks to an agreement between the University of Turin and Koelliker Hospital (GCS-fMRI), it can rely on the facilities of the Department of Neuroradiology of Koelliker Hospital, including:
– 2 1.5T RM scanners
– 2 fMRI stimulators (IFIS-SA and Nordic Neurola)
– 2 devoted workstations

– classrooms for courses and meetings




Dr. Franco Cauda is the Coordinator of the Neuroimaging facility of the Department of Psychology, University of Turin. This facility has been funded by Fondazione San Paolo di Torino and aims to provide resources (i.e., hardware, software, and backup systems) for researchers in order to get access to the Human Connectome Project’s database and elaborate functional and meta-analytical data, in addition to the functional neuroimaging data obtained locally. This facility can make available to the Focus Lab’s members, as well as to University’s researchers, the following resources: resting state fMRI and DTI data coming from the Human Connectome Project’s Consortium; 3 workstations with Linux or OSX; a large archive system;and mathematical and statistical software for fMRI data and network analysis.