Peer Reviewed Journals


Likelihood Estimation meta-analysis of brain correlates of placebo analgesia in human experimental pain
M Amanzio, F Benedetti, CA Porro, S Palermo, F Cauda (2020)
HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING. 34 (3) pp: 738-752.

Unawareness of deficits in Alzheimer’s disease: Role of the Cingulate Cortex.
M. Amanzio, DME Torta, K Sacco, F Cauda, F D’Agata, S Duca, D Leotta, Palermo S; Geminiani G.(2020).
BRAIN. 134 (4) pp: 1061-1076.


Introducing the concept of neurobiological foundation of Rorschach responses using the example of Oral Dependent Language
L Giromini, DJ Viglione, E Vitolo, F Cauda, A Zennaro (2019)
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The Neural Correlates of Time: A Meta-analysis of Neuroimaging Studies
A Nani, J Manuello, D Liloia, S Duca, T Costa, F Cauda (2019)
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 31 (12), 1796-1826.

The neural correlates of hedonic and eudaimonic happiness: An fMRI study
T Costa, AC Suardi, M Diano, F Cauda, S Duca, ML Rusconi, I Sotgiu (2019)  
Neuroscience letters 712, 134491.

Concordance of White matter and Grey matter abnormalities in Autism spectrum disorders A voxel-based meta-analysis study.
F Cauda, T Costa, S Palermo, F D’Agata, M Diano, F Bianco, S Duca, R. Keller(2019)
HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING. 35 (5) pp: 2073-2098.

Brain functional connectivity in individuals with callosotomy and agenesis of the corpus callosum: A systematic review
L Mancuso, LQ Uddin, A Nani, T Costa, F Cauda (2019)
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews.

Heterogeneous neuroimaging findings, damage propagation and connectivity: an integrative view
F Cauda, L Mancuso, A Nani, T Costa (2019)
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L Mancuso, T Costa, A Nani, J Manuello, D Liloia, G Gelmini, M Panero, (2019)
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Hubs of long-distance co-alteration in brain pathology
F Cauda, L Mancuso, A Nani, J Manuello, D Liloia, G Gelmini, L Ficco, (2019)
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The Neural Correlates of Consciousness and Attention: Two Sister Processes of the Brain
A Nani, J Manuello, L Mancuso, D Liloia, T Costa, F Cauda (2019)
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Addressing reverse inference in structural brain alterations
F Cauda, A Nani, D Liloia, J Manuello, E Premi, S Duca, P Fox, T Costa (2019)
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The alteration landscape of the cerebral cortex
F Cauda, A Nani, J Manuello, D Liloia, K Tatu, U Vercelli, S Duca, PT Fox, (2019)
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Human movement responses to the Rorschach and mirroring activity: An fMRI study
L Giromini, DJ Viglione Jr, JA Pineda, P Porcelli, D Hubbard, A Zennaro, F. Cauda (2019)
Assessment 26 (1), 56-69.


Low entropy maps as patterns of the pathological alteration specificity of brain regions: A meta-analysis dataset
D Liloia, F Cauda, A Nani, J Manuello, S Duca, PT Fox, T Costa (2018)
Data in brief 21, 1483-1495.

Brain structural alterations are distributed following functional, anatomic and genetic connectivity
F Cauda, A Nani, J Manuello, E Premi, S Palermo, K Tatu, S Duca, PT Fox, (2018)
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The Multifaceted Function of the Insular
J Manuello, A Nani, F Cauda (2018)
Island of Reil (Insula) in the Human Brain: Anatomical, Functional, Clinical.

Action observation areas represent intentions from subtle kinematic features
A Koul, A Cavallo, F Cauda, T Costa, M Diano, M Pontil, C Becchio (2018)
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The morphometric co‐atrophy networking of schizophrenia, autistic and obsessive spectrum disorders
F Cauda, A Nani, T Costa, S Palermo, K Tatu, J Manuello, S Duca, PT Fox, R Keller (2018)
Human brain mapping 39 (5), 1898-1928.

The pathoconnectivity profile of alzheimer’s disease: a morphometric coalteration network analysis
J Manuello, A Nani, E Premi, B Borroni, T Costa, K Tatu, D Liloia, S Duca, F.Cauda (2018)
Frontiers in neurology 8, 739.

Attention, Salience, and self-awareness: The role of insula in meditation
J Manuello, A Nani, F Cauda. (2018)
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How do morphological alterations caused by chronic pain distribute across the brain? A meta-analytic co-alteration study
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Dynamic Changes in Amygdala Psychophysiological Connectivity Reveal Distinct Neural Networks for Facial Expressions of Basic Emotions
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Rehabilitation of Communicative Abilities in Patients with a History of TBI: Behavioral Improvements and Cerebral Changes in Resting-State Activity
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Looking for Neuroimaging Markers in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Clinical Trials: A Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis Study in Granulin Disease
Premi, E.,  Cauda, F.,  Costa, T.,  Diano, M.,  Gazzina, S.,  Gualeni, V.,  Alberici, A.,  Archetti, S.,  Magoni, M.,  Gasparotti, R.,  Padovani, A.,  Borroni, B..(2016) 
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The neural correlates of happiness: A review of PET and fMRI studies using autobiographical recall methods
Suardi, A. , Sotgiu, I., Costa, T., Cauda, F., Rusconi, M.
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Diano M., D’Agata F., Cauda F., Costa T., Geda E., Sacco K, Duca S, Torta DM., Geminiani G. (2015).
Cerebellum (accepted).

Node detection using high-dimensional fuzzy parcellation applied to the insular cortex.
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Neural Plasticity (Accepted).

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Once you feel it, you see it: Insula and sensory-motor contribution to visual awareness for fearful bodies in parietal extinction.
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Multimodal fMRI Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Granulin Mutations: The Case of Fronto-Parietal Dementia.
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Neural correlates of gender differences in reputation building.
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2006 and before

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