Since 2012 Dr. Cauda, together with Dr. Costa and the other Members of the Lab organize a summer course in Functional Neuroimaging. This course is dedicated to PhD Students in Neuroscience and Psychological Sciences. In addition to instructing students and trainees in the Lab, Dr. Cauda and the other Members of the Lab have taught many courses offered by the Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Turin.                              The Lab and classrooms’ site at the Koelliker Hospital act as a facility for training classes and neuroimaging courses taught by Lab Members.



Functional Neuroimaging summer Course Program (2015):

Morning Afternoon
Day 1 – Introduction to Neuroimaging Techniques

– Introduction to MR Physics


– The BOLD effect
Day 2 – Signal Theory

– General Linear Model


– fMRI Paradigms
Day 3 fMRI Data Analysis – Brain Connectivity and Resting State
Day 4 – Tract Tracing tecniques

– DTI sequencies

– DTI principles and data analysis
Day 5 – Multivariate analysis


– Effective connectivity

– Topological Analysis